Our partners

Outstanding data visualization expertise, local to you

We work with a global network of organizations that share our passion for outstanding data visualization.

Our partners’ expertise, skills and technologies bring the benefits of our solutions to a wide audience, in many different geographies.

Through packaged or bespoke solutions, configuration services and local support, our partners give added confidence and flexibility, letting our customers tackle the largest and most complex projects with confidence.

Contact us to discuss working with a local partner, or joining our partner network.

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Integration Partners

Integration partners develop individual solutions for their customers’ projects and integrate numerous libraries and components.

They are established and respected companies in their markets with strong industry knowledge. We help them to deliver the best components for each project and support them with implementation.

Technology Alliance

Our Technology alliance is formed of companies with complementary products to our own. Working together, we are both able to augment and enhance our solutions.

These partners provide high-quality tools that can be seamlessly integrated with our award-winning visualization technology.

Meet our Technology Alliance »

OEM Partners

A wide range of leading technology companies create their own software and integrate our components into their products lines to deliver unique and powerful solutions to their own customers.

When developing their applications they prefer concentrating on their core business and choose our products to enhance that through high quality, professional visualization.

Solution Partners

These are partners who work with us on individual, specific projects. They are general prime contracts, building custom applications for a large organizations, requiring a powerful and bespoke graph visualization component.

We help these partners to prove the value of visualization, and ensure that their deployment is the best it can possibly be.

“There is a growing market for visual tools that make big data accessible and simplify complexity. Cambridge Intelligence has the best technology to do that. Our partnership means we can consistently deliver outstanding software and expertise, keeping our customers happy and creating innovative solutions to their challenges.”

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