Customer success stories

Our software has been deployed in a wide range of critical use cases including fraud detection, law enforcement and security, cyber security, infrastructure management and regulatory compliance.

Cybersecurity forensics with Core4ce

Core4ce’s cyber forensics platform, Cyberscape, uses KeyLines to help governments and businesses keep their critical systems safe.

Read the Core4ce case study

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Customer behavior analysis with Bonsai

Bonsai, a marketing and management consultancy, are using KeyLines to make attribution practical, beautiful and actionable.

Read the Bonsai case study

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Collaborative investigation with ModalConnect

How ModalConnect use our technology to power the advanced visual analytics in their collaborative intelligence application.

Read the ModalConnect case study

Syntropy screenshot

Syntropy: Decentralizing the internet

Syntropy, a global team of web3 pioneers, use our network visualization toolkits to create a live journey planner for the internet.

Read the Syntropy case study


C3 AI: AI for the enterprise

Discover C3 AI Ex-Machina, the no-code/low-code enterprise AI platform, using ReGraph and KronoGraph at its core

Read the C3 AI case study

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OpsCruise: Kubernetes Observability

See how the OpsCruise platform uses KeyLines to provide visibility and actionable insights into complex cloud-based applications

Read the OpsCruise case study

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Microsoft: Police Contact Management platform

How our partnership with Microsoft Services UK helps police forces improve their response to incidents, and keep the public and officers safe.

Read the Microsoft case study

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Unstruk: Unstructured Data Analysis

Unstruk Data‘s unstructured data platform transforms big, complex data into actionable insights.

Read the Unstruk case study


GraphAware Hume: graph-powered insights

See how Hume, GraphAware’s graph insights engine, makes levels of insight skyrocket for the European Space Agency.

Read the Hume case study

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Sistemi & Automazione: COMINT data analysis

The TETRAS product, built by our Italian partner Sistemi & Automazione, turns raw data into admissible evidence.

Watch the S&A webinar


Traversals: the SaaS intelligence platform

Discover how Traversals harness ReGraph to give businesses military-grade data search, analysis and visualization capability.

Read the Traversals case study

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Illunex: connecting supply chains

See how Korean blockchain start-up Illunex helps enterprises find innovation opportunities in their supply chain networks, connecting over 180,000 businesses.

Read the Illunex case study

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Devo: Democratizing realtime data

How Devo empowers analysts to harness the connections in their big data, with the help of the KeyLines toolkit.

Read the Devo case study

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EclecticIQ: Understanding Cyber Threat Intel as a Graph

In 2015, EclecticIQ used the KeyLines network visualization toolkit to build an interactive graph visualization that sits at the heart of their platform.

Read the EclecticIQ case study

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iMapData: Integrated risk intelligence with KeyLines

This case study explains how iMapData have used the power of the KeyLines network visualization toolkit to help customers understand and mitigate risk.

Read the iMapData case study

Explore use cases further

We’ve created free-to-download white papers for each of the use cases featured in these success stories.

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